About Us

TouchtoPay is a mobile and point of sale system that lets customers use biometric identification body instead of cash or a credit card to pay for goods and services at merchants, online, on tablets, and on mobile phones. The underlying strength of biometrics is that it uses patterns that are unique to each individual. Your fingerprints belong to you alone, and unlike that password to your online bank account, you can never lose it. Touch2Pay will not store the full image of user’s fingerprints, instead will store a mathematical algorithm corresponding to the user’s fingerprints. By applying the mathematical algorithm, the system is enhanced against security threat such as hacking.

Most of the financial transactions when buying goods and services at merchants and online including mobile transactions involve credit and debit card transactions. People carry multiple credit cards and/or ATM cards in their wallets. Currently, a typical transaction will involve the following process: reaching out for your wallet, choosing the credit card option for the transaction, swiping the card selected, and then signing of the receipt. Credit cards/ATM cards have to be physically carried by the owner. There is a always a risk of losing your credit card or damaging it besides having it stolen and fraudulently obtained.

As identity theft has become the bane of consumers everywhere, technologies aimed at making transactions more secure are gaining ground. Such "biometric technologies" include iris scans, as well as those for fingerprints, palm, skin, voice and face patterns. Credit card companies made some attempts to address the issues of replacing the physical card by using your fingerprint. Although this solution addresses the issues of identity theft at the stores, it does not address issues such as lost or damaged credit card, and online identity theft. There are mobile solutions developed to replace the physical credit/ATM card. However, these solutions do not address the following issues. What if you lose your phone? What if your phone goes dead? What if your phone gets hacked by someone? The smart phones are only protected by a single password.

Users will

Register with TouchtoPay system and create an account in an easy way.
Register their fingerprints and credit card information for most secured and convenient payment system in the world.
Not carry their financial cards including credit cards and debit cards.
Not worry about forgetting or losing their cards.
Carry all their credit cards at their finger tips.
Track all of their expenses in one place.
Receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly reports about their expenses.
Shop at merchants without reaching their wallet.
Shop online anytime and anywhere.